We treat your books as seriously as the government does.  

We help you stay compliant with DCAA, FAR and Cost Accounting Rules (CAS) which ensures that you have the right systems to account for costs incurred during the contract. Different than commercial accounting, costs need to be reported based on direct or indirect expenditures. When you are in violation of these rules, you can incur stiff penalties (in the thousands or even millions) or face potential imprisonment.  

We’ll help you get it right the first time.      


We provide sound financial data that will be music to the government's ears.  

Staying compliant is one thing. Proving that you’re staying compliant is a different matter entirely. When government and financial institutions peer into your operations, what will they see? Are you accurately reporting your business transactions? Are you adhering to federal and state regulations? Providing the right data in the right reports will help you keep your business in good standing, and keep revenues flowing. 

We’ll help you speak in the language they understand.      


We make sure you know the real cost of doing business.  

You’ve checked every compliance box twice, and now you’re sailing through your contract. But are you realizing the revenues you projected? Accurately reporting your incurred costs helps you know what the government owes and you what you owe them. When your direct and indirect expenses fluctuate, it’s important to account for every penny…because they can add up pretty quickly.  

We help you make sense of your dollars.      


We provide a clear view of your financial horizon to steer your business in the right direction.  

You need a roadmap to chart your expectations for multiple year contracts. An effective budget will allow you to properly cost current proposals, and evaluate the impact of new contracts so you can make Bid/No Bid decisions accurately. Your profitability is based on how effectively you manage your contracts, and being able to forecast cost overruns is a critical piece of the puzzle.  

We help you scale your business with financial precision.     


We pay careful attention to the smallest details so you can yield big financial wins.  

You need timely and accurate financial data to effectively manage your business. Sound financial management allows every stakeholder to be armed with relevant and reliable information to make prudent decisions. To achieve this goal you need to regularly analyze your budget, project your cash requirements, and examine the impact of all cost types so that your company remains profitable.  

We save you time so you can make timely decisions.