GovConscious Accounting

Think Government Contract Accounting Is the Same as Commercial Accounting? Think Again.

You’re being held to a stricter standard.  

Spending taxpayer dollars is serious business. The government wants to ensure that every dollar it spends is accounted for…correctly. 

So, in addition to abiding by GAAP principles, government contractors have more exacting standards: DCAA, FAR and Cost Accounting Rules (CAS.)  

Trying to navigate the complexity of these regulations can be daunting. 

That’s where we come in. 

  • We correctly price your indirect costs on the front end, so that your accounting is sound on the backend.  

  • We help you avoid violating cost accumulating principles, which can save you thousands of dollars in penalties. 

  • We understand what the government means by “reasonable rates,” so we know what expenses you can charge.